• CE Certified
  • Does not compromise the signal strength of your device
  • Cow dung mobile radiation chip is a unique Radiation Protection Chip prepared by Cow kart using cow dung ions and extra mineral coating that protects you from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emanating from your mobile phone.
  • The mobile, wifi, tower radiation can cause heart diseases, brain tumour, lower sperm count and hindered child development. Keep yourself and your family safe by using anti-radiation chip.
  • Anti-radiation chip takes care of the non-thermal aspect of radiation emitted from electronic gadgets by changing the nature of these radiations without compromising the signal quality.
  • The antiradiation chip does not absorb, defect or reduce the intensity of the radiation, and therefore the signal quality is not compromised.
  • Constant waves emitted from electronic gadgets disturb the cellular communication of the body. This anti-radiation chip loaded with cow dung ions with the extra mineral coating shields against the radiations by upto 90%.

1 review for Cow Dung Anti Radiation Mobile Chip – Pack of 2

  1. Arpitha khan

    I had a doubt with this product but after placing this chip there is less heating in phone. I think it works. And the best thing is Excellent response from the seller.

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