7 Important uses of Cow Dung Cakes in the Indian Context

7 Important uses of Cow Dung Cakes in the Indian Context

Cow dung cake is a traditional ayurvedic composition in India. America has been the broader exporting market for India. We used to see cow dung cake on the wall, but in the 21st century, cow dung cake is also available online and on the Facebook wall.

This is a drastic change because of its benefits and demands. It has several advantages like rich cow manure, cow dung fertilizer, effective biogas maker, and many others. Therefore, here we are going to see the importance of cow dung.

1. Fuel and Biogas from Cow Dung Cake

Dried cow manure is the best fuel. In many villages, manure from local cows is routinely gathered and dried for fuel. Indeed, even in North America, this is popular, and people gather the wastage of dairy animals as fertilizer. The biogas has 55% methane, 30% carbon dioxide, and other gases like hydrogen, nitrogen.


All gathered cow dung is given as feedstock to produce the biogas. It is produced by anaerobic decomposition of cow dung. Making the biogas from cow dung is simple. Build a biodigester, then supply water and leave it isolated. Indeed, cow dung opens up a new dimension to build an eco-friendly environment by recycling the wastages.


2. Cow Dung Cakes are Used in Villages

A mud and cow dung fertilizer that is often applied on the floors of country homes in India and might be used on the walls as well.

Cleaning the house with cow dung water is a ritual in India, often related to the material strategies or science of architecture. However, it creates a waterproof layer and protects the house from heat and misfortune.

3. Important Ingredients of Paper

The high fiber substance of cow dung cake helps to produce high-quality papers. The fibers of cow manure are pressed into the paper. Later, these papers can be sold in the market. This is also a less known importance of cow dung cake.


4. Cow Dung Cake as Disinfectant

The smoke from cow dung cakes has been found to have disinfectant properties. This has led to the conscious use of cow manure as an insect repellent, primarily used against mosquitoes.

Moreover, in many villages, cow dung cake is applied on the walls and floors as a disinfectant. It is a matter of scientific research, whether it has more disinfecting power than other elements. Still, it is prevalent in India and would be a growing trend in America.


5. Cow Manure as a Fertilizer

Cow manure is rich in nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It is a cheap and good fertilizer and famous for its availability. It also helps to maintain the texture of the soil. Yes, you can spread it for fertilization, but you need to keep in mind several things.

Removing cow dung from the field is very important because it emits methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Besides that, water runoff dung pollutes the water and aquatic animals.

6. Cow Dung Cakes in Indian Rituals

Cow dung cakes are used in Yojas and Homas in India, also known as Agnihotra. The cow cakes are anti-pollutant and have anti-radiation properties, so the burning of cow dung during the Homas also purifies the air.

Nevertheless, the shuddh desi ghee is prepared from the milk of the cows. Indeed, cows play a more significant part of all Indian rituals.

7. Commercial Value of Cow Dung Cake

It has a high market value. Many cow dung online and offline stores are into this business. The average price of a 20 cow dung cake pack is 160 rupees. All cow dung cake is available online.

Well, it was a commercial product. But with digitalization, it has crossed the geographical boundaries. Now it has been exported to different countries like America, Canada, Australia, and England. It has several commercial benefits-


  • The cow dung cakes are also a top-rated product for selling, and are available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Cow dung is used as a fertilizer, so it is the most favorite products for farming. It is both cheap and useful for regular use.
  • It has enormous medical values. The dry cow dung is also used as a scrub to remove dead skin cells from the skin. It is also useful in improving blood circulation in the body, and its antibacterial properties are very effective against skin pimples.
  • Now, cow dung is also used to create building bricks. This is a new development by mixing it with straw dust. These bricks are relatively lighter and low in price. This is very popular in India and an excellent product for export.

Ayurveda, astrology, science all have been working vigorously to produce new and innovative items/products from cow dung, which is cost-effective and pollution-free.

On the other hand, it plays a vital role in the Indian economy because Indian is famous for this tradition, and many sellers are enjoying the profits by exporting these products in foreign countries.

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