About Us

About us

Who We Are

Cowkart.com is an online platform created with a vision to spread awareness about the importance of Indian indigenous cows and its immense oneness with the whole of the ecosystem.

From a deeper sense of awareness, we feel from cow, milk is not all!! and it is crucial for humans to understand the deep-rooted connection between cow, soil, water, air and humans themselves.

We also deem that the medical need of the hour for humans can be well addressed through naturally proven Panchagavya products and practices.

We at Cowkart offer you the best handpicked panchagavya products blended with natural herbs that are not just finest but also fine-tuned to meet your medical, spiritual, home and beauty needs.

CowKart About US
CowKart Mission

Our Mission

  • Promote panchagavya products and educate the significance of Indian cow breeds.
  • Help producers in branding, marketing and activation.
  • To work as an aggregator and accelerate sales for authentic panchagavya manufactures

Our Vision

  • To establish awareness of cow in the ecosystem. 
  • To marry ecology and economy. 
Cowkart Vision
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