Back to the future: Cow based agricultural economy!

Back to the future: Cow based agricultural economy!

For the future of a stable Indian agrarian economy, we must go back to the methods of the past. A sizeable percentage of the Indian economy is depending on the revenue generated from farming and farming animals. The older methods to execute farming were fertile, organic and in-control. The use of animals has been prevalent in our fertile history and especially cow because the uses are immeasurable. Every product that is extracted out of what a cow has to offer is a premium dairy product and consistently stays in demand.

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How organic farming serves a better purpose for the economy!

We constantly hear of super-intelligent people quitting their stable jobs to get into organic farming and living a life of leisure and peace out of it. This may not apply for the biggest of the farmers but more than 80% of the farmers could, in fact, go for organic farming. Procuring the usage of cow dung as organic fertilizer has proven to be extremely fertile for the soil and in sync with the Indian climatic conditions. Artificial fertilizers, on the other hand, may increase the fertility for a short period but eventually cause harm to the soil.

Not only that but using cow dung is highly inexpensive and establishing a Gobar Gas Plant could help a whole region out.  The high rate of productivity due to the use of chemical fertilizers has slowed the usage of cow dung but the effects have turned the soil into badlands.

How cow-based farming creates a balance in economy and ecology!

The milk of a healthy Indian cow contains A2 type protein which is superior in dairy products. Now other things like curd, paneer, butter, ghee are also sold at heavy prices. The filtered urine of cow is an easy sell to giant ayurvedic companies to make medicines.

The cows that are breed in the Indian atmosphere are much more flexible to work in the natural climatic conditions for long hours and therefore a farm can save him the burden of getting a loan for the tractors and other pieces of machinery. With the cow-based farming, the ecological balance of rural India can be maintained with fertility because the farmers can now grow multiple crops in one year. Organic farming is generating an immense amount of profits and environmental benefits which is why there is organic certification and several other programs being run all over the country to promote organic farming.

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