Clinical Benefits of Gomutra

Clinical Benefits of Gomutra

Researchers have proved that cow urine is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral. In any case, the benefits of Gomutra are multitudinous.

In countries like India, Nepal, Myanmar and Nigeria drinking of cow urine is a traditional ayurvedic treatment. Accordingly, it has been a popular ingredient in Ayurveda for many years. The properties of cow urine referenced in numerous old hindu Sastras like charaka samitha are now scientifically proven.

As prominently suggested in Sastras it is considered as heavenly medicine and safe to utilize. To put it in today’s simple terms -gomutra works on Rasayana shastra(Rasa-yana Sastra) which provides nutrition from macro to micro-cellular level.

Even though Gomutra is pitta dosha, it is tri dosha hara meaning- it balances all the three doshas Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.


  • Cow Urine Contains

Ø  Iron, copper

Ø  nitrogen, sulfur, manganese.

Ø  carbolic acid, silicon, chlorine, magnesium

Ø  melci, titric, citrus, sucerinic citrates

Ø  calcium salts, chemicals

Ø  mineral salts

Ø Vitamins like A,B,C,D,E

Ø  creatinine, hormones, uric acid.


Benefits of Gomutra Ark/Cow Urine

  • It reduces the problems related to heart, kidney and stomach.
  • It cleans the kidney and liver and maintains the system.
  • It improves the capacity of the nasal and respiratory system.
  • It improves the capacity of the sensory system.
  • It improves the muscles.
  • It upgrades the metabolic movement of cells.
  • It stimulates the sex hormones and thereby improves the conceptive system.
  • It detoxifies the blood and hepatic course.
  • It improves the creation of bile and pancreatic discharges.
  • It remedies menstrual problems.
  • It keeps up upgrading the capacity of the pancreas.

Gomutra benefits

Gomutra benefits for Obesity:

Today the market is flooded with weight loss products, pills that come along with unknown side effects. But Gomutra for obesity is a completely safe and highly effective ayurvedic medicine. When gomutra is mixed with ayurvedic herbs like turmeric, Nagarmotha, Chitrak, Triphala, Vaividang and Trikatu in an appropriate proportion, it enhances the results of both losing weight and detoxifying your body.


Gomutra benefits for Breathing Issues:

Cow urine ark controls the secretions of kapha (mucus), helps to smoothen the digestion process, tones the lungs, eliminates the presence of bacteria in chest and opens the lung walls. Thus, increasing the capacity of lungs to hold oxygen.

The ayurvedic herb Vasaka is a potent herb known for its natural ability to manage respiratory ailments, particularly relieving cough and respiratory allergies.

The concoction of gomutra and vasaka helps to better manage any kind of breathing related issues.

gomutra benefits for breathing


Gomutra benefits for Blood Pressure

Cow urine is the perfect solution to normalize your blood pressure because of its sattvic energy and balances tri-doshas. Not just your blood pressure but it is an effective solution to control your cholesterol levels and nervous systems.

Ayurvedic herbs like jatamansi helps to enhance memory, improves concentration, and treats disorders like depression, stress and anxiety.

Secondly, the herb Sadabahar helps to control high blood pressure by bringing it back to the normal levels and manages to maintain regular blood fluidity.

The mixture of pure indigenous cow urine and ayurvedic herbs has proven benefits in managing blood pressure.

Gomutra fro BP

No wonder why Cow urine therapy holds a major place in Ayurveda for its natural and therapeutic properties.


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