How to Perform Agnihotra at Home?

How to Perform Agnihotra at Home?

The procedure of Agnihotra comprises two contributions to the firepower, precisely at the sunrise and sunset by chanting two Sanskrit Agnihotra mantras. The fire is produced out of cow dung cakes and pure cow ghee in a copper pyramid pot. Agnihotra purifies and rinses the negative vibrations. It emits the positive vibes to the natural earth, creature and human bodies.


Agnihotra rituals require the following things:

Ø  Copper pyramid

Ø  Cow Dung Cake

Ø  Pure Ghee

Ø  Full Grain Rice

Ø  Agnihotra Mantras

Ø  Timings (Sunrise/ Sunset)


Setting up the Fire

Take some cow dung cake at the base of the copper pyramid.

Add some dried cow dung, which has been covered with ghee in the pyramid in such a way as, that permits air to pass.

Apply a little ghee on the cow dung cakes and light it. Add more cow dung cake to raise the fire.

You can use a hand fan to support the fire. In any case, do not blow through the mouth.

Try not to use any mineral oil or related materials to light the fire.

At the specific time of sunrise and sunset, the fire should be there in the copper pyramid.


Agnihotra Mantras:

At Sunrise:

Sooryáya Sváhá

(include the main part of rice)

Sooryáya Idam Na Mama

Prajápataye Sváhá

(include the second bit of rice)

Prajápataye Idam Na Mama


At Sunset:

Agnaye Sváhá

(include the principal bit of rice)

Agnaye Idam Na Mama

Prajápataye Sváhá

(include the second segment of rice)

Prajápataye Idam Na Mama


Agnihotra Process

Take a couple of brown rice on a dish or your left palm and apply a couple of drops of ghee with it. At the time of sunrise, chant the Sunrise Mantra and add a couple of brown rice in the fire.

Chant the Mantra again and add some brown rice in the fire.

At the time of sunset do the same things by chanting the sunset Agnihotra Mantra.


If you miss the planning then it is not Agnihotra and you would not get the impact on the air and biosphere. When performing the Agnihotra, the energy will flow from the copper pyramid because of the Agnihotra procedure. You have to continue the procedure following the Agnihotra timing.

Not long before the following Agnihotra you can take those ashes and store them in a sack, box, glass or pot. The ashes from the Agnihotra fire is incredibly therapeutic. It has healing power. The ash is an amazing product for astrology, Ayurveda and price value.


  • Removes stress and tension on the mind.
  • Cleanses negative thought patterns that affect the mind.
  • Establishes Love and compassion
  • Reduces anger and destructive habit patterns
  • Brings motivation to get rid of drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.


  • Purifies the air we breathe by removal of toxins in the atmosphere and helps to neutralize harmful radiation.
  • Purifies contaminated water.
  • Seeds the clouds and promotes rain.


  • Promotes soil fertility and useful microorganisms
  • Purifies water bodies and promotes organic life


  1. Can I perform Agnihotra at my home?

Performing Agnihotra cannot be restricted to space. Agnihotra can be performed in any room in the house. While performing Agnihotra in a family at one spot, just a single individual should make the contributions, in one pot. Different individuals from the family present also can infer the resultant advantageous impacts on the climate. Others can participate in reciting the Agnihotra Mantras. When more individuals from a family are performing Agnihotra, they should perform this independently on a separate Agnihotra pot. Agnihotra can be performed in an office or a workplace. When you want to go for work or adventure, do not forget to carry your Agnihotra travel units. The Process will be the same as before concerning the method yet the setting may change as per circumstance.


  1. If I start Agnihotra in my home can my other relatives perform it?

Because of any reason, if one is not in a situation to perform/go to Agnihotra himself in that case, some other relative can perform it. Agnihotra can be taken as an individual control or as a family discipline. Regardless of whether it is treated as an individual process but when one cannot perform on a specific event some other relative or companion can do it and keep the purification cycle on. When Agnihotra is performed in a place then everybody, including plants and animals are profited.


  1. Should I take a bath before Agnihotra?

You can take a bath before the Agnihotra ritual. According to Ayurveda, washing up quiets the negativity of the brain. But at any rate one must wash the hands before the Agnihotra time. In the time of performing the Agnihotra, offering to sit calmly for a couple of moments.

4. Is to easy to perform Agnihotra at home?

Yes, it is very easy to arrange a ritual like Agnihotra in your home. People do it in their home regularly. But you need to follow all the rules and timing to get the most effects from it.

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