Panchgavya: The universal benefits of cow’s endowments

Panchgavya: The universal benefits of cow’s endowments

As written in the ancient scriptslike Bhelsanhita, Kashyapsanhita, Charaksanhita, Sushrutsanhita, gad Nigrah, ras tantra saar and Yogratnakargranth hail about glory of the mix of cow’s five essences – the Panchgavya), The endowments that are retrieved from the cows are not only holy but have proven to be medically beneficial for thousands of years.

A human mind that comprehends the stressful living of the 21st century has lost the pitch of happiness and has attained a streak of anxiety, depression, and dejection. Most people are gunning for allopathic medicine for an instant cure where the manufacturers are overtly using antibiotics and steroids that cause the depletion of immunity in human bodies.

The immunity of the body does not respond actively after antibiotics are put in it. These medicines cut off the infection but also the good bacteria in the digestive tract. The consumption of organic food of our times has been taken over by the junk that messes up the digestion and enhances obesity, sickness and other diseases. Not that indigestible food was enough, the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs have taken over the better part of ageing. The internal suffocation of modern lifestyle is masked by futuristic technology, at-home comfort, and online service providers. Any shred of relaxation is interrupted by the constant follow up of stress which is emerging at a bombastic rate inside the minds but what is the remedy?

The Ayurvedacharyas prescribe Panchgavya as the peak of both physiological as well as psychological health. Panchgavya therapy which was known to our ancestors has now become popular worldwide.

Let’s get to the five most important ingredients to come out of a cow and how they are beneficial for the health

Cow Dung

Cow dung has been mentionable throughout the religious mythology of India as it is used as the key ingredient while celebrating a few festivals. However, the significance of cow dung on a human being’s health emerged ages ago when it was being applied to minor injuries as dung is considered to be antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

Cow Urine

A therapeutic agent since ancient times, cow urine is now used in the medical field for indulging in curing jaundice and deadly disease like cancer. This Indian ayurvedic methodology is now being responded to world-wide in the medical facilities. Cow urine is instrumental in enhancing the longevity of life, strength of the muscle fibres, repairment of tissues and eradicates blood disorders amongst other things. It has psychological reactions in the brain as well as it creates positivity in the thoughts and relaxes the nervosity tendency.

Curd and Ghee

Clearly,the curd is a byproduct of milk but its advantages are quite different. The usefulness and wholesomeness of its ingredients that have healthy carbohydrates and fat removing agents complete a proper meal. Light and steady consumption of curd prevent premature ageing. The positive effects include the cure to diarrhoea, dysentery, and colitis.

Ghee: In Ayurveda,cow’s A2 Ghee is believed to be the best for human consumption. It is full of nutritive qualities and an ideal diet for these heart patients who suffer due to excessive cholesterol in their blood. Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength, keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body. It is not only nutritive but also helps in taking out the impurities from the body. It enhances eyesight, keeps muscles and tendons healthy, and bone sturdy yet supple.


It is the most recognized and consumed product that emerges from a cow. There are more than enough religious instances related to the consumption of milk by unearthly beings. The nutritional attributes of milk include the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, and sugar amongst other things. This wholesome meal cures liver ailments, lung ailments, and respiratory diseases. Milk is one thing that can be consumed straight for months and the physical, as well as mental health, would increase. Cow milk maintains the potency of bones, nourishes tissues and heals the digestive system.

The ancient scriptures of Ayurveda consider cow urine to be the elixir of life.  It is the most effective natural remedy and the safest method of treatment bestowed upon us by nature.

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