Gowmutra for Kidney – 400ML

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Gomutra benefits for Kidney
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Gowmutra for Kidney – 400ML


This holistic Gomutra Ayurvedic Cow Ark comes from Gotirth, is the most effective medicine for Urinary tract infection. It has the blessings of our traditional herbs like Dalchini, Gokhu, Purnarnava and Patharchatta.

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Gomutra for Kidney comes from the house of Gotirth. It is highly effective for treatment of kidney and liver ailments. Traditional gomutra medicine can help you to cure your modern-day diseases. The miraculous properties of Renol can prevent and cure your kidney disease while regulating overall urinary tract health.

Himalayan Purified Cow Urine: Purified cow urine itself is a detoxifier. It can clean your blood and body toxins, increased by consuming packaged foods and dry foods. Renol is very essential for healthy kidney and recovering urinary tract function.

Gokhu: The herbs like Gokhu are highly effective for the treatment of renal diseases. This traditional Ayurvedic herb is known as “the life plant” for its healing properties.

Patharchatta: The roots of Patharchatta are highly effective for kidney and against gall bladder stones and kidney stones. Like the purified cow urine, it is an anti-inflammatory and cures urinary tract infection.

Dalchini: The species of this herb is also traditionally used to treat both urinary tract infection, bacterial, and fungal infections in the urinary tract. It is highly effective against any urinary abnormalities.

Purnarnava: The roots of Purnarnava is an Ayurvedic remedy for kidney health by preventing and reducing stones. The regular use of this product can regulate kidney function and healthy urination.

3 reviews for Gowmutra for Kidney – 400ML

  1. 4 out of 5

    Ranganath Swamy

    talikng kidney ark as supporting medecine, Positive that it will show good results

  2. 5 out of 5

    Bhushan Patil

    Seems to have very good results. yet to get my testing done… Started talking this after doing a lot of research on go urine therapy

  3. 4 out of 5

    sarala sheetal

    Since i started using gowmutra my kidney problem has reduced a lot.

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