Science behind Cow dung and Spirituality

Rural India Cow dung

Science behind Cow dung and Spirituality

Before we dive into the importance of cow dung, it is important to understand why burning cow dung is the best practice to be followed at home every day when compared to using chemical agarbatti’s.

We all know that air which we are breathing now a days is not completely healthy. Carbon monoxide is the major element that is the root cause of many illnesses.

The main cause for this is Pollution from vehicles, industries, and the burning of plastic, wood and coal.

Since we have less control in reducing the pollution of air because of the above reasons. We at least need to find ways to keep our home atmosphere healthy for the overall wellbeing of our family.

Let us go scientifically to understand and to be aware of wrong practices projected by multinational agarbatti brands. We shall also understand simple practices that is more beneficial than lighting harmful agarbatti’s

Today’s agarbatti is majorly made up of charcoal, sawdust and artificial essence to enhance the aroma. Toxins and harm these agarbatti’s create are ignored because of a lack of awareness.

The journal of the American Cancer Society said that long-term exposure to harmfull agarbatti smoke has increased risk of upper respiratory tract cancer.

If this wasn’t enough, the fumes of agarbatti contain dangerous particles that can cause inflammation of the bronchial tubes. This may result in respiratory diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary (COPD).


So next time before you rate the agarbatti based on its aroma, make an attempt to check out its ingredients.

Now getting back to the good practices of using cow dung for wellbeing.

  1. Cow dung has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties.
  2. The smoke that is emitted by burning of the cow dung and other ayurvedic herbs like neem has been proven successful to resist insects and mosquitoes.
  3. Helps in keeping you away from harmful radiation.
  4. Cow dung when burnt emits ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and other elements that will purify the air and also increase the oxygen content and thus builds antibacterial and anti viral resistance in your body..
  5. For added advantage burning cow dung by applying ghee has immense benefits which is proved scientifically.

Many practices that our ancestors followed using cow dung and cow urine as a daily routine had abundant benefits. Sadly, these are overlooked as Superstitious beliefs today.

Air Pollution is now the fourth highest cause of death worldwide causing millions of death. so, think twice before lighting another cheap/ chemical incense stick, especially if you take pride of keeping yourself and your family well.

havan cow dung

The Panchagavya organic agarbatti, made from natural ingredients such as cow dung, ghee, guggul, flower powder, camphor and sandalwood has several advantages.

It is time to switch to organic spiritual products like panchagavya dhoop or  guggul agarbatti which your deity would appreciate.

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