What is Cow Urine Therapy?

What is Cow Urine Therapy?

Panchagavya Ayurvedic medicine opens a new dimension of Gomutra as life-saving medicine. Gomutra medicine such as cow urine tablets has the ingredients to fight against diabetes and weight loss. Drinking purified Himalayan cow urine has various benefits.

Nevertheless, critics question these cases, rejecting them as sheer deception. Ayurvedic writings going back to the 6th century BCE like the Sushruta Samhita consider cow urine as a powerful clinical substance with a lot of remedial properties.

Cow Urine vs. Other Animals’ Urine

Research studies prove the importance of cow urine over all other animals’ urine because of its different therapies and treatments. In any case, these are obsolete records composed sometime in the past most likely dependent on the episodic proof. Though cow urine is not a mainstream therapy in India, it helps to produce many lifesaving drugs throughout the world.

Cow Urine Properties and Ingredients

  • 95 percent water with 2.5 percent urea,
  • 24 kinds of salts
  • Hormones
  • Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus
  • Potash, Nitrogen, Manganese
  • Sulfur, Phosphates, Potassium
  • Urea, Uric acid
  • Amino acids, Proteins
  • Cytokine and Lactose


Cow Urine Benefits


Cow urine or gomutra has an expansive range of antimicrobial characteristics. The components of urea, creatinine, aurum hydroxide, phenols, calcium, and manganese are very important for our body. It has antimicrobial powers that can target pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella typhi, Proteus Vulgaris, S. aureus, Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus epidermidis.

Prevents Infection

Perhaps the most serious issue in the clinical world is about fungus and bacterial infection. Some microbes have gotten skillful at opposing antimicrobial medications, because of the excessive use of these drugs by individuals. Analysts have seen that cow urine has the potential to fight against those fungi and bacterial infection only by using sunlight.

A Viable Fungicide

Cow urine is proved to be more viable than neem, a traditional Ayurvedic treatment for dandruff. It was seen as very productive against the prevention of the development of Malassezia organisms, which is the main cause of dandruff. Aside from this, cow urine has the potential to restrain other fungi, for example, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, and A. niger.


When the idea of applying stinging sterile creams to wounds scares you, you could use cow urine, which is proved to be competent against wounds. It is hygienic and germ-free as well.

Fights against Parasites inside The Body

Intestinal parasites can cause some serious medical issues like looseness of the bowels, stomach pain and loss of supplements and nutrients in the body. An examination shows that these serious medical issues, causing parasites can be viably managed with a liberal portion of cow urine.

A Bio-enhancer

A bio-enhancer is a substance for expanding the productivity of another substance. The idea is known as ‘yogvahi’ in Ayurveda where prescriptions with poor bioavailability are acquainted with a bio-enhancer. Cow urine is the main ingredient that works as a bio-enhancer or yogvahi of different antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anticancer operations. Purified holistic Himalayan cow urine contains ‘Rasayana’ tatva, which can balance the bio-enhancement system. This is an Indian traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

Anticancer Properties

Cow urine has extraordinary cancer prevention properties, which help in killing oxidative pressure and searching for free radicals. These properties have the potential to prevent the malignant growth forces of cancer. It is not necessarily ‘the’ cancer preventive medicine but it works effectively against the prevention and danger of the disease.

The Immunity Booster

Ayurveda uses traditional and natural herbs and minerals to strengthen the body against diseases, virus, and infections. Indeed, even in old books, cow urine is said to build immunity by 110 percent. Thus, it turns out to be an incredible immunity booster and bio-enhancer in the human body.

The purified Himalayan cow urine provides the best result. You may also consult an Ayurvedic specialist before you attempt to take gomutra.

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    कृपया हीन्दी भाषा में जानकारी उपलब्ध कराई जाएं

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    Can we consume direct Cow urine without any distillate?

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