Mosquito Herbal Agarbatti is made from natural herbs to keep mosquitos and other insects away.

The pack is 100 % free from chemicals, Charcoal and Sulphur.


Panchagavya: Cowdung, Cow urine, Curd, Milk and Ghee

Herbs: Neem, Tulsi, Nilgiri, Adusi, Sharifa seeds, Kadiatu, Kapoor, Mamejava, Aloe vera, Marwa & Mendalakadi.

  • Each Pack contains 30 sticks
  • Burning time 1 hour

Benefits of cowdung herbal mosquito repellent:

  • Keeps  mosquito, insects and harmful germs away
  • Eliminates bad odour and creates a pleasant home fragrance.
  • Zero chemicals, so no harm to your health and environment.




1 review for Herbal Mosquito Agarbatti – Pack of 12

  1. Priyadarshini Agarwal

    Good organic herbs, mostly neem and I personally liked it because it does not fill your room with smoke.. certainly keeps the mosquito’s away.. overall a good product with no chemicals

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