Bring peaceful stillness and an uplifting aroma to your prayer room with our Rose Incense Sticks. Made with pure cow dung, resinoids, and  fragrance oils, our charcoal-free incense stick burns clean and purifies the air, promoting a sense of well-being in your home.

Getting back in touch with our ancient Indian roots, we’ve made agarbattis like a real rose—the way it is  supposed to be. Crafted to perfection with cow dung as one of the ingredients, our agarbattis are abundant with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Fills your home with a subtle rose scent that promotes positivity and a balanced mood

Cow dung has antibacterial properties that keep the air in your home clean and pure

Ideal for auspicious occasions and prayer

Charcoal Free

Weight: 50 Grams
Burning Time: 1 hour

Lighting Cowdung and Natural Herbs have been a practice in India since time Immemorial.
With every lighting of PraJyothi Incense, we help you bring an Auspicious aspect to your Holy Prayers.

1 review for Prajyothi Rose Incense

  1. Suman biswas

    I have it this kind of smell very first time. Suerly recommend to use…

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