Gomutra Breathon Liquid is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared using the ancient methods to cure sneezing, asthma, cough, tuberculosis and aids in the smooth functioning of the overall respiratory system. These chronic disorders are caused due to the adverse effects of excess of Kapha.

Breathon Liquid controls the secretions of kapha (mucus), helps to smoothen the digestion process, tones the lungs, eliminates the presence of bacteria in chest, relieves congestion and opens up the lung walls. This increases the capacity of lungs to hold oxygen.

Herb Vasaka is a potent herb known for its natural ability to manage respiratory ailments, particularly relieving cough, dilates bronchi, reduces inflammation of air, alleviates allergic reaction and relaxes muscles and promotes expectoration.

Similar to gomutra, Vasaka also has antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Consuming Breathon Liquid not only relieves you from the disorders but also improves the overall well-being.

3 reviews for Gomutra Breathon- 400ML

  1. Hemachandra Prashad

    I had nose conjetion problem in the night.. I had sleepless nights because my mouth also use to dry up.. This continued for 6 months.. after using this product I see a very good change, feeling better day by day.. Big thank you..

  2. preethika

    Bought for my grandfather. He experienced some relief from asthma.

  3. lakshmi ram

    Very big support for noise blocked and breathe freedom. I think those people suffering from dry cough, weezing etc .they must try this syrup.

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