Diabenil is the most effective Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes and truly a blessing for all diabetic patients, as they can manage diabetes without any side effects.

Desi Gomutra which is a natural ingredient activates the pancreas due to which there is an increase in metabolism leading to proper digestion of sugar. Anti-diabetic herbs are processed in panchgavya, which multiplies the efficacy leading to improved conditions within 2 weeks.

This medicine is clinically proven and is backed by reports of patients that certify to be successful and have an incredible success ratio of 95%. Patients suffering from poor circulation, numbness and other effects of diabetes experienced immediate relief.

Any allopathic treatment for diabetes has an adverse effect on the liver, kidney and heart. However, Diabenil is just an exception to this. Bilva Patra, Sadabahar, Gurmar and Neem are known for controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.

Jamun fruit, which is a key ingredient, contains oleanolic acid. It has anti-diabetic properties that improve insulin response, biosynthesis, signaling and secretion. Shilajit and Guduchi are essential elements present in Diabenil for overall health. 

2 reviews for Gomutra Diabetes Tablets

  1. Srinivas Reddy

    Good packing and very informative.. very acceptable pricing in panchagavya..

  2. Nagaraju

    My ayurvedic doctor suggest me. Works slow but effective for long time.

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