Gomutra for Fever- 400 ML

Cow urine for recurring fever
Herbs for fever
gomutra for fever

Gomutra for Fever- 400 ML


Feverex is effective in treating various types of fever by balancing the doshas, restoring proper digestion, normalizing bodily functions, increasing stamina, eliminating viral infections and detoxifying the body.

It actively treats cold, flu, malaria, chronic fever, typhoid, PUO and reduces the symptoms associated with fever such as pain, headache, weakness, loss of appetite, etc

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Feverex is formulated using the traditional Vedic methodology. It is a natural remedy that aids the body in restoring balance, smoothens function and eliminates impurities to heal overall weakness.  

Gomutra is an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial natural drink, that helps to detoxify the body. It also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, salts and antioxidants to speed up recovery time.

Kiratatikta is a powerful digestive tonic that purifies blood, reduces inflammation, body pain and temperature. It is particularly used in cases ofever as it helps to provide relief from the burning sensation. It aids to improve digestive power, reduce swelling and pain and restore strength and stamina.  

Tulsi is the restorative herb, that treats chronic diseases, bacterial and viral fever, reduce inflammation, calm the mind, aid in digestion, relieve cough and headache. 

1 review for Gomutra for Fever- 400 ML

  1. 4 out of 5

    Manishi mahi

    It works well for my typhoid fever. I recovered within a week. Best product to buy.

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