Gomutra for Liver – 400ML

Gomutra ark for liver
Gomutra for Liver
herbs for gomutra liver

Gomutra for Liver – 400ML


Gomutra to detox liver. It has the blessings of ayurvedic herbs like Purnava and Gritakumari mixed with the holistic Himalayan cow urine.

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Gomutra ark for fatty liver helps in detoxifying the liver and removes toxins accumulated and thus promoting a healthy liver.

Cow urine benefits for the liver are immense. It improves overall liver health by purifying blood and rejuvenating body cells. Balances the doshas and acts as hepatoprotective preventing any further damage to liver.

To enhance the better liver health Gotirth Gomutra is mixed with the below herbs:

Gritakumari: Also known as the Aloe Vera is the immortal herb in nature with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the traditional Indian herbs used to cure various sorts of diseases. Here, in Livon Liquid, it is highly effective in curing hepatitis, jaundice, ulcers and cleansing the body.

Purnarnava: Purnarnava is a herb that is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties in Ayurveda. The roots of Puranarnava are recommended by physicians in treating weakness, liver disorders, and anemia because it boosts metabolism and appetite encouraging proper digestive systems.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    sandip ghosh

    Got a freshly manufactured bottle which is good Indeeed.

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