Gastro is a stabilizing remedy and preventative Ayurvedic measure for any stomach discomfort. There are two main causes of stomach discomfort which are excess vata and kapha leading to poor digestion.  

Gomutra is known to increase metabolism and balancing all three doshas.  

Triphalawhich means “3 fruits” in Sanskrit is a combination of amla, harad and baheda. They have specialty to restore the qualities of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate excess kapha (mucus), pitta (acid) and vata (gas), and increase the necessary digestive fire. 

Gastro Tablets is a medicine prepared using the Ayurvedic methods to maintain an overall gastrointestinal health, balance body weight and eliminate infestations without any negative effects of allopathic medicines.  

2 reviews for Gomutra Gastro Tablets

  1. Divakar yadav

    Very Very Good Product, This product is the best product to take from your gastric issues

  2. Kumar rejethi

    Very helpful of gas acidity etc. No side effects.

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