Gomutra Haritaki is an ayurvedic medicine in powder form and one of the most traditional medicine which is used as a laxative. Laxatives usually contain chemicals, however, Gomutra Haritaki is a pure and ayurvedic form of laxative. It helps to increase stool motility, its bulk, and frequency which results in relieving constipation.

It is an all-encompassing range of medicine and useful in treating a variety of diseases. It is an orthodox medicine and described in ancient Ayurvedic texts such asĀ  Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Ashtangahridayam.

The natural elements of this medicine help to keep our bowels in good state of operation. It is the most effective and natural solution to be relieved from constipation in a world full of chemical medicines. Not only does it treat constipation but it also makes an attempt to keep our digestive system work seamlessly and has no major side effects.


Pathya (Haritaki)

Indication: Useful in all types of gastrointestinal disorders, Indigestion, mucus, constipation, acidity, colitis, swelling, chronic fever and obesity.

Dosage: 3 grams with warm water after food twice per day.

  • Precautions:
  • Do not take within 1 hour of consuming dairy.
  • Consult your physician if you are pregnant.
  • Do not take if you experience hyperacidity. Do not use if you have chronic diarrhea.
    Avoid heavy foods such as cheese, milk, etc.
  • Limit intake of Vata-producing foods (cabbage, cauliflower, peas, dal, etc. Avoid spicy, salty, fried, processed/ packaged foods, smoking and alcohol.
  • Limit stimulants such as coffee & tea. Consume easily digestible, fresh foods (organic when possible).

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  1. Somashekar

    It helps to get rid of my bowl moments. Added Ingredients are chemical free.. loved it..

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