Liver and kidney are the most important organs in our body and this holistic medicine maintains the regulation of those organs and digestive systems. Proper balancing the doshas, and good digestive system are keys to cure all diseases.

Gritakumari: Alos known as the Aloe Vera is the immortal herb in nature with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the traditional Indian herbs used to cure various sorts of diseases. Here, in Livon Liquid, it is highly effective in curing hepatitis, jaundice, ulcers and cleansing the body.

Purnarnava: Purnarnava is a herb that is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties in Ayurveda. The roots of Puranarnava are recommended by physicians in treating weakness, liver disorders, and anemia because it boosts metabolism and appetite encouraging proper digestive systems.

In Livon, it is mixed with purified cow urine which is very effective for your body.

3 reviews for Gomutra Liver Tablets

  1. Anjan

    Using it to detox my liver, I think I am also loosing weight.. Great!!!

  2. Naveen

    I am ayurvedic doctor , I suggest this for my patient. Well done Cowkart . Prices also very less comparing with other sites. Go heights …???

  3. Padma nagaraj

    Recommend to everyone to maintain a healthy liver. Detox smoothly their liver and still eating without no major side effects.

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