Gomutra tablet is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-microbial which cures bacterial and viral invasions. It is an anti-toxin medicine that also purifies the blood. 

cow urine tablets have immense benefits – It nourishes the body, boosts immunity power, slows down the oxidation process that helps to prevent aging. It balances dosha imbalances, regulates hormones, and increases sattvic energy in the body.  

This best gomutra ark tablets are prepared from healthy indigenous himalayan forest fed cows. It is completely natural and pure without any synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives. This medicine can also be used as a proactive measure to keep infections and harmful viruses away. 

2 reviews for Gomutra Tablets

  1. Kiran

    Very good tablet for increasing immunity.. especially in the present suitation

  2. vasudev

    Very necessary to take this gomutra tablets during this pandemic. I am taking 2 tablets daily in the morning after breafast… Great product.

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