Skin Medicine – 100ml

gomutra for skin
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Skin Medicine – 100ml


Gomutra Gotirth Skin Care Lotion is an Ayurvedic and 100% natural treatment, and effective for all skin types. It comes with traditional herbs like Bakuchi and Neem. They are very popular against any skin diseases and improve your skin conditions. It is natural and 100% safe for regular use.

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Gotirth gomutra skin is the holistic ayurvedic skin care lotion. It has antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties, which make it an Ayurvedic blessing and remedy for pure, and healthy skin.

This massage oil can be used for treating all skin disorders. Be it Eczema, dryness/ redness/ irritation, rashes or allergic reaction.

Neem: Neem is the most popular herbs to cure any skin diseases. It soothes the inflammation of your skin cells and prevents acne. Neem also provides wound healing and eliminates dandruff from your scalp.

Bakuchi: It is chemo-protective, anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory, and astringent in nature so it is popular against any type of skin disease, which tightens your skin. Physicians prescribe it for some skin diseases like leprosy, leukoderma, skin rash and infections. Besides, antifungal and antibacterial properties, it has the miracle power to purify your blood.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Swathi Kumari

    The smell is little hard but I am using it because it has worked for my sister from similar skin eczema.. Tried many other medecines and hopy fully it will cure my skin issues..

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