Snan Utane for Abhyanga Snan -40g (Pack of 3)

snan utane
Snan Utane

Snan Utane for Abhyanga Snan -40g (Pack of 3)


Snan Utane/ Abhyanga Snan Powder aims to hydrate your skin and moisturizes it with minerals. It also increases the glow on your skin and improves your skin health. A gentle massage over the body with Snan Utane exfoliates the layer of dead skin. It gives you an entirely new layer of nourished and glowing skin.

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Each 100 grams contains: Gomay 500mg, Vala ( Vetiver zizanoides), Sugandhi Kachora ( Hedychium spicatum) , Gulab ( Rosa centifolia), Till (Sesamumindicum) and Multani Mitti

The powder can be used by mixing it in water or with milk during the bath.

Snan Utane is a perfect bath powder that is aimed to nourish your skin on a regular basis. It is a blend of selected elements that are personalized to provide your skin with a totally new look. It is an ideal bath supplement that moistures the skin.

Using Snan Utane regularly will make your skin well-nourished and free from foul odor and sticky touch.

The product is completely organic and do not contain preservatives of any kind. They are rich in ingredients that help heal the body and make you live a healthier life. Every product is handpicked for quality and packaged with love.


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