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Agnihotra set
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Agnihotra Kit Set

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Agnihotra Copper Kit Set + 30 Pieces of Cow Dung, Ghee, Unpolished Rice and Karpoor

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Agnihotra Kit Contains:

  • 1 Agnihotra copper pyramid, 1 Copper Stand, 1 Copper Spoon, 1 Copper Fork, 1 copper Dish
  • 30 pieces of cow dung cakes, 50 ML Pure A2 ghee, Karpoor and unpolished rice.

All the Dimensions are as per Agnihotra. This kit meets the precise requirement and dimensions as documented in ancient texts.

How Does The Agnihotra Ritual Benefit:

During this hour the eco powers, ethers and atomic energies exuding from the Sun enters to the earth and produce a flood of energies at the directions where the sun is, maybe East or West.

Enormous energies are accumulated around the copper pyramid at the hour of Agnihotra. A magnetic field is created to purify the air and earth.

One of the key features of Agnihotra is the articulation of Sanskrit mantras when the ritual is performed.  At the point when the Sunrise/Sunset mantras are sung, there is a reverberation made inside the pyramid, which holds the fire into the air.

Agnihotra Mantras:

At Sunrise:

Sooryáya Sváhá

(include the main part of rice)

Sooryáya Idam Na Mama

Prajápataye Sváhá

(include the second bit of rice)

Prajápataye Idam Na Mama


At Sunset:

Agnaye Sváhá

(include the principal bit of rice)

Agnaye Idam Na Mama

Prajápataye Sváhá

(include the second segment of rice)

Prajápataye Idam Na Mama


The following are the list of Agnihotra benefits:

  • Decrease the stress and strain on the mind
  • Smoothen your skins and blood flow.
  • Produces a lot of positive particles, which sustain the atmosphere.
  • Neutralizes pathogenic bacteria
  • Smoke from Agnihotra has positive vibes to refresh the air
  • Brings harmony of your body.
  • Just as Agnihotra pyramid fire offers sustenance to plants, it gives the equivalent to human life and animals.
  • Smoke accumulates particles of unsafe radiation from the climate and suppresses their radioactive impact.
  • When the fire is extinguished, the vitality is secured in the ashes. This ash can be utilized in different medical and ayurvedic treatments.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    quality is good. Nice online store for cow products..

  2. 4 out of 5

    Jeevan Pori

    cheaper than other sites like amazon and flipkart. nice quality.
    Giving 4 star because the product arrived 2 days late.

    • Super Admin (store manager)

      Hello Jeevan, Sorry to hear that.. We ship the products with the fastest courier service available based on your pin code. We acknowledge the delay and we will work with our shipping partners to avoid any such delays in the future.
      Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback.

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    Received all the items that they have mentioned.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Copper quality is good. Agnihotra kit is perfect. Loved the quick delivery and overall shopping experience. It is noe my go to site for puja saamagri.

    • Super Admin (store manager)

      We are so glad to serve you, your feedback means a lot to us.. Thank you

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