Surbhika Hand made Cow dung Guggal Agarbatti from Surbika is a divine Aromatherapy pack made from 11 divine ingredients that purifies air and fills home with positive energy.

The ingredients used for preparing this organic agarbatti is of exceptional quality.  The pack is 100 % free from chemicals, Charcoal and Sulphur.


Panchagavya: Cowdung, Cow urine, Curd, Milk and Ghee

Herbs: Guggal, Karpur, Menda Lakadi, Raal & Maravo


Benefits of cowdung agarbatti:

  • Keeps insects and harmful germs away
  • Improves sleep, Relieves anxiety, Lowers blood pressure
  • Eliminates bad odour and creates a pleasant home fragrance.





9 reviews for Guggal Agarbatti – 100 Grams

  1. Devika Baral

    loved it.. the smell is so divine and long lasting.. The smell is mild and very soothing

  2. vasumathi

    Divine , soothing and authentic smell.value for money. purifying the house once in a while…this is the best product i have come across .

  3. Geethanjali goshi

    Good product, unique scent. Go for it.

  4. jyothi singh

    Best cowdung agarbatti ever. It is too good. Gives a divine feel. Soon will come for my next order.

  5. anil nathe ,

    i have purchased it yesterday, it gives good gugul fragrance than the dhoop of your company because i also using but my kind question is are any combustible chemical is used in it for continuous burning (like potassium nitrate etc., ) ? my experience is: as i tried to make cow dung dhoop at home 3 -4 time the dhoop stick is not continuously burn at all time. how your dhoop & Agarbatti burn so nicely without any burning agent. pl. comment

  6. anil nathe

    i have already give review, i want to know is bamboo stick are used for agarbatti making ? if you use it then go for another type of stick as per my information one type of wood stick are also available to replace the bamboo stick in agarbatti

    • Super Admin

      Thank you for your response. We have a collection of agarbatti’s that is made from both bamboo and non bamboo sticks… All the A2 Branded agarbatti’s are made from Non Bamboo sticks.. We really appreciate your inputs..

  7. vasanth gosh

    Leaves a lasting scent for almost 3-4 hrs… great cowdung product.

  8. rajeev gosh

    Scent is very mild keeps your mind calm specially at prayer. It is made by natural products and free of harmful chemical fragrance.

  9. Ruma dashee

    Too good, soothing evenings when back to home from office. And it comes with great packing…

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