Cow Dung Dhoop Cups- A Sure shot way to Uplift Environment Around You!

Cow dung Sambrani Cup

Cow Dung Dhoop Cups- A Sure shot way to Uplift Environment Around You!

Sambrani Cups Introduction

This Cow Dung sambarani cups are made with 100% natural ingredients used in most Indian homes. They are also popular by several other names part from cow dung sambrani cup; they’re also referred to as guggal dhoop cups, loban cups,  sambrani dhoop, sambrani cups and a large variety of them is easily available online. While placing an order for them online, you need to identify the right web store, one that deals in and sells genuine products.

Where Are They used?

Cow Dung Sambrani cups or Dhoop cups were initially used during Pooja, yagna, or auspicious occasions but soon a word about its benefits and pleasant fragrance spread and thus its demand rose and reached international audiences. Now they are used everywhere on all occasions. Its demand has increased manifold and these Sambrani cups are sought by global consumers too with equal fervor. Besides being used in the places of worship, they’re used inside homes, in restaurants, gardens, hotels, resorts, wedding & celebration halls, offices…. in almost all kinds of spaces you can think of. These Cow Dung Cups are suitable for all occasions and are often used for spiritual and meditational purposes

 Ingredients Used in Making Cow Dung Sambrani Cups

A premium dhoop must be made from 100% Natural Desi Cow Dung, Guggul, Karpoor,  Menda Lakdi  and 100’s of unique havan samagri that are not just aromatic but also posses healing properties.

Why Choose Cow dung dhoop instead of doop made from wood?

Cow Dung Sambrani cups are made with cow dung of desi cows, gomootram, curds, milk, ghee – all these ingredients are extracted from desi cow. Desi cow is a special breed of cows only found in India.

They’re cows with humps. The humps are known to have chandra and surya nadi which help them to draw energies from sun and moon, element of these reflect in their dung and mootra  (urine). Milk from these desi cows has immeasurable, incomparable benefits. Same for cow dung and urine of these desi cows! They kill germs in the atmosphere, purify air and odor, fertilize soil, meaning cow dung and urine make for manure of exceptional quality. Curd and ghee made with milk fo desi cows are far superior. Processing the milk to make curd and ghee also enhances some of the quality of milk.

Herbs are also used in making of Sambrni Cups. There are nearly 106 to 108 herbs that can be used in varying proportions to make these cups. All thee herbs also carry aromatic or medicinal value.

On the other hand the products made from saw wood leads to heart illness and leaves a black sticky smoke that becomes apparent on your walls.

Spiritual, Health & Environmental Benefits of Using Organic Dhoop Cups or Sambrani Cups

All the ingredients mentioned above that are used in making of organic Cow Dung Dhoop Cups or Sambrani cups offer a wide range of benefits.

Since apartment are very small these days and is is not possible to perform Yagya, these Cow Dung Sambrani cups make for great symbolic Yagna and serve the purpose to perfection!

Ingredient and herbs are mixed in certain proportions and allowed to ferment for 3 weeks to enhance their medicinal properties. When these sambrani cups are lighted, besides releasing aroma they also release smoke that cleanses atmosphere by driving away harmful insects, germs and bad odor.

This smoke has magical properties. It not only fills the environment where it is lighted with aroma but it is also claimed that it can cure many types of dangerous diseases like cancer, uterus problems, lung disease, asthma, bronchitis, depression, anxiety, and many more. It also fills space where it is lighted with positive energy. Its residue makes for good manure and Ayurveda also finds its use as medicine. Sambrani cups are a storehouse of benefits. Besides offering benefits to health, environment, it has been proven in many experiments that it changes the aura and energy of the place it is used.

How to choose and order Sambrani Cups?

While you may find many stores in your neighborhood these days with a special counter for organic products, but the easiest way to buy the product is online. Most convenient and you can find a wide variety of them without stepping out of your homes. Make sure you choose a store with good reviews about authenticity of product and good usage experience.

Most people are not able to make up their mind about using Sambrani cups made with organic herbal material on day to day basis. They save it for special occasions or for gifting. The biggest reason behind not using these regularly may on the face of it seem like its cost, but deep down it’s the mindset. Change the mindset, reason it out, understand the benefits and advantages it offers and soon you will replace your standard commercial product with herbal Sambrani cups! You can’t afford to compromise something that has proven record to create good energies, and cleanse your environment and offer good health with anything inferior.

So look for a store that offers genuine Sambrani cups made with organic ingredients like desi cow dung and jungle herbs and earmark the web store to order from there again and again!

You may shop the sambrani cups at your Authentic store here

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