Guggal dhoop cup is made from 100% Natural Desi Cow Dung, Guggul, Karpoor & Menda Lakdi.

This cow dung cup is 100% natural and pure (No wood added). The cups emit a real authentic fragrance that gives you a very soothing spiritual feeling and helps to remove negative energy from home.

  • Calms the mind and gives a feeling of aromatic therapy
  • Keeps mosquitoes away
  • Kills any harmful bacteria and viruses in the atmosphere and keeps you healthy.
  • Cow dung’s anti-radiation qualities benefit the home environment
  • The combination is Cow dung and guggal is known for its great spiritual significance and also energizes the home with natural fragrance.
  • Helps in spreading a soothing atmosphere inside the home.
  • Calms the mind and promotes good sleep at night.

How to Light guggal sambrani dhoop cup: Burn the top layer of the cup for about 30 seconds. The cup will emit the pleasant smoke further.

6 reviews for Cow Dung Guggal Dhoop Cups (Pack of 2)

  1. Bargavi santhos

    I loved this sambrani cups. Because it purifies the air in our surroundings and it kills the harmful microbes.

  2. lingeshwara

    Amazing product.Burns for a good amount of time. It aslo act as mosquito repellent .

  3. Jashnavi sharma

    I put it in a plate and carry it to every corner of my home and after that i keep it my living room , it helps to get rid of insects and mosquitos. It gives a natural relaxed feel …

  4. Astha joshi

    . I use it for the purpose of agarbatti burning and it does its job quite well. Leaves a lasting scent for almost 3-4 hrs..

  5. MOHAN SINGH BISHT (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement to patanjali cup sambrani which is not in market since last 03 months. I love the product I was desperately in search for the replacement 100 out of 100. Regards. Keep up the quality and quantity.

  6. Aditya Kashyap (verified owner)

    It’s very nice and value of money. Go for it.
    I bought this everytime, it’s fragrance is too good.
    This dhoop is great as a part of preventing mosquito as well.

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