Cow Urine Benefits for Weight Loss

Cow Urine Benefits for Weight Loss

Cow urine has always been used as a folk medicine in India from time immemorial. It is also attracting the new generations since research has proved it to have numerous therapeutic properties based on the US Patent #6896907 and 6410059. Additionally, various studies have also confirmed the same.

The gomutra has been used traditionally for the management of many diseases and also used as a bio-enhancer to enhance their therapeutic impact.

Obesity is a comprehensive risky disorder worldwide because, over a period it develops metabolic disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.


Cow Urine Scientific Benefits

Gomutra works on Rasayana shastra meaning – The chemical composition balances the equilibrium of salts, minerals and vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, minerals, carbolic acid, chlorine, nitrogen, manganese, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, phosphate, creatinine, calcium salts, hormones, iron, tartaric acid, silicon, citric acid, succinic acid, lactose, enzymes, and gold.

Deficiency or excess of these constituents inside the body can make a person ill. Cow’s urine balances all the three dhoshas and settles excess OR deficient items thus balancing the body.

Ever wondered why some people gain excess weight and some don’t even when the food habits are similar?

It is primarily because of the nature of the body type. In Ayurveda body type is categorized by Vata, Pita and Kapha or the combination is any two. In Ayurveda, excess of any body type causes illness and Gomutra balances these three doshas and thus keeping the body healthy.

Gomutra can remove all the imbalances in the body, thus maintaining good health.


Scientific Benefits of Gomutra for Weight Loss

  • Prohibits fat from depositing and helps to lower LDL cholesterol
  • Prevents hyperlipidaemia and cholesterol
  • Acts as Antidote for various poisons in the body
  • Purifies blood, stimulates urinary tract
  • Acts as a good Diuretic agent
  • Helps in curing obesity side effects such as pain, swelling and Inflammation
  • Improves the overall immune system and wellbeing

Cow urine works as a medicine if it is collected from the indigenous cow that has hump. Most of the indigenous cows across India, Myanmar and Nigeria carry these special qualities. Identical to India these countries also practice similar panchagavya folk medicine to cure illness.

The forest fed indigenous cow’s urine is considered to have the best medicinal qualities. When gomutra ark is mixed with ayurvedic medicinal herbs, it enhances its quality in eliminating excess fat.


How much cow urine to drink per day?

10 to 20 ML mixed with water in the morning and evening on empty stomach.


Is gomutra harmful?

No, gomutra is not harmful. However, one should not consume excess cow urine.

Cow urine is of Pitta dosha; which means it increases heat in the body. One may also contact an ayurvedic doctor for advice.

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