Cow Urine Benefits for Weight Loss

Cow Urine Benefits for Weight Loss

Cow urine has always been popular in rural India, Myanmar, & Nigeria as a medicine from time immemorial. These are the countries where cows with a hump are found and the folks here use gomutra in their own traditional ways to keep various ailments and body imbalances at bay.

Benefits of Gomutra have always attracted a small and select sect of new generation who we can say have taken the message forward. As a result benefits of Gomutra is attracting the new generations towards it as research has proved that it possesses some of the most amazing therapeutic properties. (US Patent #6896907 and 6410059). Besides, there are been conducted numerous other researches and studies having confirmed the same.

Gomutra has been traditionally used for the management of many diseases; also as a bio-enhancer to enhance its therapeutic impact. People have used Gomutra for various reasons for ages and have reaped the additional benefit of keeping their weight under control as a positive side benefit.

Obesity is becoming a rampant and a risky problem worldwide leading to many other problems in people suffering from obesity like metabolic disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.

Scientifically Proven Cow Urine Benefits

Gomutra works on the principal of Rasayana Shastra. The chemical composition Gomutra balances the equilibrium of salts, minerals and vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, minerals, carbolic acid, chlorine, nitrogen, manganese, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, phosphate, creatinine, calcium salts, hormones, iron, tartaric acid, silicon, citric acid, succinic acid, lactose, enzymes, and gold.

Deficiency or excess of any of these constituents in the human body can make a person ill. Cow urine benefits the body by way of balancing all the three dhoshas and settling excess or deficiencies of these constituents in the body.

Ever wonder why some people gain excess weight and while some considering the fact that both are of same age, same gender, and have similar food habits?

It is primarily because of the nature of the body type. In Ayurveda body type is categorized by Vata, Pita and Kapha; one’s body may be a combination of any two. According to Ayurveda, excess of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha in a body cause illness and Gomutra balances these doshas and keep the body healthy.

Cow urine benefits are unquestionable and can remove various imbalances in the body, thus maintaining good health.

Scientific Benefits of Gomutra for Weight Loss

It has been accepted world over that Gomutra helps to fight against fat deposit in the body and helps to lower LDL cholesterol. This one single benefit of cow urine is a huge relief in itself.

Consuming Gomutra prevents hyperlipidaemia and does not let bad cholesterol build up

Cow urine has natural properties that act as an antidote against various poisons in the body or elements in the body which can cause harm in short or long run and keeps it under check and control, or does not let it build up.

Another benefit of cow urine s that it purifies blood, and stimulates urinary tract

Cow urine is also considered a good Diuretic agent. This means that cow urine is good for the kidneys where it helps to flush out excess water and sodium, thus reducing chances of blood pressure. When the volume of fluid in the vascular system is kept under control it saves body from many irreversible ailments that we don’t pay attention to. But the fact is when such disorders hot our body we have to live with it for life. Cow urine silently works on our body to keep these imbalances under check.

What has given cow urine benefits its popularity is that cow urine is good for weight loss. And there is no exaggeration to it. Gomutra does help to keep obesity under extent and the side effects related to it like pain in joints and muscles, swellings, Inflammation to speak of just a few.  However, it is time and again advised and emphasized that Gomutra should be consumed under guidance for optimum benefits and results.

Cow Urine Improves the overall immune system and wellbeing

Cow urine collected from desi cows (Indian cows with a hump, India is amongst the countries where you will find cows with a hump. Other countries are Nigeria and Myanmar) is a medicine with magical effects. Most of the desi or indigenous cows across India, Myanmar and Nigeria carry these special qualities. Just like India, these countries also practice Panchagavya folk medicine to cure illness though it is known by different name in different countries but the composition and methods of consumption are nearly the same.

The forest fed indigenous or desi cow’s urine is considered to have the best medicinal qualities. When Gomutra ark is mixed with Ayurvedic medicinal herbs, it enhances its quality of eliminating excess fat from human body. The emphasis on forest fed cows is that when cows go grazing in the forest on their own they along with grass also eat various herbs that grow in the forest which impacts the quality of their milk, urine, and dung, all good for human body, health, and agriculture (soil) alike.

गोमुत्र अर्क

How much cow urine is recommended that one can consume every day?

10 to 20 ML mixed with water in the morning and evening on an empty stomach is what a standard recommended dose is. However it will do one good and enhance the impact if it is taken under the guidance of an Ayurveda expert who will study your body types and irregularities and suggest an ideal dose and an idea time along with other lifestyle changes for one to derive optimum benefits from Cow urine including weight loss or keep weight under check.

Is gomutra harmful?

No, gomutra is not harmful. But like they say, everything in excess is harmful includes consumption of cow urine too. Therefore one is recommended that you may consume cow urine without Ayurveda expert’s prescription but to not consume excess cow urine. And when one says cow urine it necessarily means cow urine of desi indigenous cows and not any cow.

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