Traditional Cow Dung PanchaGavya Diya

Traditional Cow Dung PanchaGavya Diya

Lighting a cow dung diya along with ghee has always been a practice in India for many centuries because of its religious importance and wholesomeness.

In India diyas are called by many names like panchagavya vilakku, panchagavya diya and cow dung diya’s.

The Panchagavya diya is not only believed to fulfil the desires of a person but also enhances the atmosphere by emitting large amounts of oxygen because of the combination of cow dung and ghee.

Before the age of fire crackers Diwali, the festival of lights was majorly celebrated by lighting these eco-friendly diya’s all over India.

cowdung diya

Today the cow dung diya’s are mainly lighted on auspicious times at temples and at home in front of Tulsi plant to fulfil the desires. The burning of these diya’s not only gives positive energy but also cleanses the atmosphere and decomposes as an organic manure without leaving any trace of carbon footprint.

Considering its eco friendliness many people still prefer to light a diya and show there responsiveness towards environment.

As an ever increasing number of metropolitan tenants start stressing over their carbon impressions, we see slope in innovative, yet eco-accommodating choices made to make Deepavali.


How to Prepare Panchagavya Diya

  • The ingredients used are Cow dung, Cow Urine, Ghee, Milk, Curd and an organic binding powder.
  • The dried cow dung is fine powdered and mixed with cow urine, soil and a pre mix powder for binding purpose.
  • The mixture is then mixed with cow urine to make a solid paste and given shape using hand or a dye.
  • The cow dung cups are dried under the sun for 2-3 days until the moisture evaporates.
  • Once the diya’s are completely dry the concoction of milk, curd and ghee is filled.

Many new decorated verities of diya’s are also available in the market to suit today’s needs.

Here are the Benefits of lighting Diya’s

  • Chemical free diya removes bad energy and toxic air.
  • Spreads positive energy, good health and prosperity.
  • The diya’s ash residue can be utilized for plants as compost and fungicide.

Rural Importance and Employment:

Since the ingredients used for preparing the cow dung ghee diyas are abundantly available in the rural India, it gives a major employment for rural women and also in sustaining the Indian Indigenous cows.

If you are one of those good Samaritans towards nature and rural empowerment, here is one of choices to keep your carbon impression low during Deepavali by lighting the cow dung diyas.


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