What is Abhyanga Snan?

snan utane for abhyanga snan

What is Abhyanga Snan?

Abyan-jana is a Sanskrit word for bathing. Abhyanga snana is mainly practiced on the day of Diwali in India. However, it was a daily routine a few decades ago.

Abhyang snan procedure follows massaging the body from head to toe using oil and bathing using natural skin benefiting items like multani mitti, gobar and turmeric.

The process follows massaging the body using pure hair and body massage oil prepared using natural herbs followed by using snan utane which is a natural powder prepared using Vala, Sugandhi Kachora, Gulab, Till and Multani Mitti.

If we go back to 60 years our Indian bathrooms were not filled with today’s branded soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Instead, it was filled with multani mitti, turmeric, lemon, Gulab, neem, gobar and natural oil.

As per Ayurveda a healthy bathing procedure follows drinking hot water in the morning followed by Abhyang Snan. Scientifically speaking, it is important to drink a glass of hot water before talking hot water bath to balance the body temperature both inside and outside.

One may have observed a mild headache after a hot water bath which is caused because of the disparity of temperature because of hot water bath. So, in Ayurveda, it is always suggested to drink hot water before a mild hot water bath to keep the body temperature neutral.

It is also important to take bath before food since food is categorized as agni(fire). Talking bath after consuming food causes indigestion problems because agni and jal (water) cannot go hand in hand.

The Indians had such great detailed knowledge which they followed for many centuries. Unfortunately, since many people cannot explain it scientifically, it is termed superstitious and shown no importance.

Benefits of abhyanga snana

  • Maintains muscle elasticity
  • Avoids dry skin by hydrate it
  • Increases the glow on your skin
  •  Removes dead skin
  •  Creates a moisture layer on the skin and helps to keep the skin healthy.
  • Strengthens hair roots


The main reason for hair loss and skin infections today is inadvertently caused because of the harmful effects of SLES, Parabens, and Petrochemicals used in soaps and shampoos.

Practicing the simple natural abhyanga snana at least once a month at home helps in balancing the lifestyle practices to keep your bone, skin, and hair healthy.


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