10 Benefits of Cow Urine Tablets That Will Surprise You

Cow urine tablets

10 Benefits of Cow Urine Tablets That Will Surprise You

Gomutra is the most potent cleanser Ayurveda has mentioned. Signifying it as one of the best internal cleansers. Gomutra ark has been used for thousands of years in the sub-continent of India as folk medicine.

Because of the pungent taste of gomutra ark many people prefer using tablets that can be taken as a pill.

Let us understand the remarkable health benefits of gomutra tablets
Gomutra tablets are also called as Ghanvati (Ghan vati) and cow urine tablets. The cow urine tablets are a one-stop health pill for all which can be used as a proactive measure to keep infections and harmful viruses away.

1) Gomutra tablets balance tri doshas and purifies blood, regulates hormones, thereby keeping you healthy and active.

2) Immunity: Gomutra is rich in minerals and protects your body against various viruses and bacteria. It is a multi-use ayurvedic medicine that is used to smoothen the process of digestion. It aids in protecting the body from the vulnerability of various chronic diseases and maintains immunity.

3) For Arthorid/ joint pain: Contents of calcium promotes bone health. The properties of gomutra lower cholesterol levels and thereby removes the excess fat.

4) Helps in stimulating the respiratory organs. Removes excess mucus and bodily fluid from the respiratory tract. Helps in providing permanent relief from asthma and allergies. Many patients have reported having overcome inhaler dependency after the use of cow urine.

5) Blood Pressure: If you suffer from high or low blood pressures, B. P. Norm cow urine tablet is the perfect ayurvedic blend to normalize your blood pressure. Not just your blood pressure but it is an efficient solution to control your cholesterol levels and nervous systems.

6) Heart: Helps in maintaining optimal cardiovascular health. It can be used by both heart patients and those who are determined to avoid cardiac disorders.

7) Diabetes: Reduces excess blood sugar by increasing collagen synthesis. Helps in tissue formation in diabetic patients with wounds.

8) Gastric Problems: Promotes healthy digestive juices, boosts digestive power and immunity. Relieves from sour stomach, indigestion and stomach upset. It also heals internal wounds and maintains anti-cancer effects.

9) Liver: Improves the overall liver health and works as the best liver detoxifier. It is known to help liver cirrhosis. Acts as hepatoprotective and prevent further damage to the liver. The use of gomutra tablets will help in increasing the creatinine levels in the kidney as well.

10) Thyroid problems: Gomutra Safely regulates metabolic function, Balances hormones, energy levels and corrects nervine disability. Boosts anti-tumour, antioxidant, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties in the body.

Gomutra tablets

What are the contents of cow urine?

Ø Iron, copper
Ø nitrogen, sulfur, manganese.
Ø carbolic acid, silicon, chlorine, magnesium
Ø melci, titric, citrus, sucerinic citrates
Ø calcium salts, chemicals
Ø mineral salts
Ø Vitamins like A,B,C,D,E
Ø creatinine, hormones, uric acid.

In Ayurveda it is stated that the cow urine and panchagavya products are an elixir for life, perfect diet, pleasing to heart, provider of mental and physical strength and longevity. It removes all blood disorders, balances bile and mucous.

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    Gomutra detoxifies overall body. It works for my body type.

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